Be true to your Heart, it knows the way!


What about me?

I am standing steadily on my two legs. Sometimes on the toes, sometimes on the heels, mostly in ballet studios, partly in the kitchen and often in the nature.

2 years ago I started my journey of sharing what is in my heart, may it be happiness or sadness or both of them in some kind of form.

I had a tendency to always see the glass half empty, a side effect of being a ballet dancer – World of Perfection. Until one day when my dear friend created me an Instagram account @my_life_my_treats that became my life-changer.
I cannot imagine my life differently now.

At first I was super sceptical that I would enjoy posting bits of myself. Personality wise I am the one who sits and thinks and then thinks again. Now sharing my thoughts was like stepping over my shadow.

That is why I decided to be anonymous, I just feel better this way. I can be who I am in my heart, not the body nor the name I have been given. 

Firstly, my focus was to see the bright side of life, those little miracles in every day. Some days it came easy, the others I really struggled, but slowly and steadily I moved towards analysing my thoughts and changing my focus from complaining into appreciating.

Secondly, as I love sweets, I always have, I decided to share my creations and recipes that are mostly easy and healthy. You can find me in my kitchen experimenting with vegan desserts, meet you there!

Truly, I feel like I was born with chocolate in one hand and cake in another and probably some other kind of sweet in my mouth :) If I could only live on those treats.


Also, being a ballet dancer requires you to take care of your body a bit more carefully, both for health, energy and injury prevention. 
I just feel better when I know I feed myself well – My Life My Treats!

And thirdly, I love to share positivity. Some phrase that lits up the light and takes you one step forward towards your goal. The mindset is the key to victory. 
Sometimes you have to fake it, to get going, to beat the fear. Often, the day is saved when you manage to reset your focus. Life around us is crazy and it is so easy to loose yourself in this chaos. I hope my posts are there to help you out when you feel down.

You are not only Loved, You are Love!

To finish, as I said my Instagram account was a little step into a huge world it led me. I started and I still do all those posts for myself, to keep me on track, to share what I love and to get out some thoughts that no longer serve me or that need a further discussion with my grown community. I am truly happy that you are there for me as much as I can be there for you!

I am thankful that my posts have moved so many hearts and brought a change in troubled minds.

May this website be a place where you find health both for your mind and body


I try to keep up with creating delicious recipes and posting more of my thoughts and travels on the blog.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
Lets grow together!


With Love,



Welcome to my page!

I am a professional ballet dancer, yoga teacher and TCM student.

I share love, happiness, positivity, healthy recipes and a bit of my own thoughts and travels.
Feel free to follow me here as well as on my Instagram and Pinterest.

With Love,

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