Be More Superfoods

Be More Superfoods

A Health Brand That Won´t let you down!

Bemoresuperfoods is an Estonian brand that has widened their choice of products quite rapidly over the past year. 

They bring to the market superfood mixes that are best used in smoothies, yogurts and in porridge, new selection of teas that they came out with just lately and not to mention other products like raw bars, chia and hemp seeds and gluten-free flours.  


They focus on helping you to Be More Fit, Smart, Beautiful and Active

I love their simplicity. 
They keep it healthy, nutritious, tasty, and additive free. Besides, all of the Be More product range is gluten and lactose free and based on 100% natural plants.

All you need to do is add a tablespoon or two into your everyday routine
and feel the health and strength coming your way.

I use their smoothie blends on everyday basis and it is very hard to pick my one and only as they all fit to different needs.

Most frequently, though, I go for the Detox blend.
If you are into the green life as much as me and you have struggled to eat seaweeds on the side, cause of the rather strange thousand-promising-miracles taste, you will be surprised how mild their Detox blend tastes. I love the lemongrass touch in it and I always feel good when incorporating this superblend into my day. Most of the time I take it mixed with only water – surprising isn’t it! It is so good both for your body and mind.

Other than that all Be More products have their part in my menu. The blends I use mostly in breakfast porridge and smoothies but also why not in pizzas, pastas, snack and desserts 😉
My grab to go bars are definitely Be More Raw Bars that come in 3 different tastes and the evenings I love to finish with their teas made with pure, simple yet delicious ingredients. We all know the teas that smell thousand times better than taste… Be More Superfoods does not disappoint you there as well!!


My Little Be More Gallery

Be More Superfoods has become part of my life and I truly recommend their products to everyone who wants to have a more healthy and balance life. 

A Spoonful a day keeps the Doctor away ;)


You can find them on instagram @bemoresuperfoods as well as on their website at 
They ship worldwide and you can use my discount code “lifetreats” at checkout for 10% reduction.

Hope you will love them as much as I do 😉

xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

Recipes Including BeMoreSuperfoods:

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