The continent I have explored the most

It is hard to go back in time and write about all the places I have visited.
My travelling enthusiasm started in my teens. Big influence comes from both of my parents. We used to have family nature trips rather often in my childhood, the ones with a tent and a bonfire, hiking, capturing beautiful moments on the photos and oftentimes singing on the way.

Later I became a solo wanderer. I never feared the unknown places nor languages I didn´t understand. For me, it was a way to escape, survive and learn. To get out of my life for a bit and charge my batteries in order to return stronger.

A big part of my travellings also include auditioning to several theaters. In ballet world you cannot do a Skype meeting to apply for a job. You have to travel to them, dance and get evaluated and hope to get selected. I would say it is more like playing a lottery – is the luck on your side today or not…

These are those expensive and stressful short trips but I enjoy them nevertheless.

I try to pair some destinations and memories. And more thorough reviews will come along with my future travels.

Denmark – if you can plan your travel according to the weather forecast then please do. I have visited Copenhagen 3 times and I never managed to go when there is less windy and rainy. Love this city and country in general and plan to go back for longer when the opportunity arises. A must visit is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, even if you are not a museum person. It is located 40 km north of Copenhagen, a train distance, and offers gorgeous scenery and refreshing and innovative contemporary art.

Spain – having visited both north and south I am so surprised by their difference. Choose the south if you want to dig your toes into the sand and get super tanned, choose the north if you want to wander around in the green mountains. Bear in mind the humidity there and better have more dry clothes in had if it happens to be a rainy season.

France – could you miss the Eiffel Tower? No, especially if you happen to see the independence firework. Definitely one event to put into your wish list, July 14. After that, all other celebrations seem to never reach that level. 
Something about France that touches my heart. Great museums, lovely streets and street markets, amazing summer weather (have to mention that it is almost never too hot for me, cold-blooded as I am) but horribly long tourist lines in Paris, be ready to stay in the line for 2 days, I am not kidding, so better plan your trip wisely. And to Louvre there is a hidden side entrance 😉
I have visited a couple of cities in France and would definitely go back for some nature wanders. South is more chilled, north seems to have this official “do not disturb me, I am busy” mentality.

UK – I have only visited London and would say that weekly tourist metro card comes in hand as I managed to drive twice to wrong place… better not to waste single ride money 😛 but maybe that´s just me.
Otherwise, I enjoyed being slow in that busy city. And sleeping in a mixed dorm was totally fine if you want to save some money.

Germany – a country where I felt like home.
I would bring out the Christmas markets with its pretzels and glögg and biggest  Christmas tree located in Dortmund. Though winters can be truly cold I love the Christmas magic this country holds.
When visiting in summer I think Dresden has a lot to offer but then again I have only seen few parts of this huge land.
One thing to remember – don´t travel without a ticket, you will be definitely caught 😛

Finland – have to get back there for the reindeer and northern lights, but must find my personal heater first 😛
Cold country with warm hearts!
And if you happen to have any food allergies it is a win-win travel destination with lots of food choices. I sometimes wonder if they have any non-allergic  residents 😛

Sweden – where people smile. I think this country is one big happy land. People are honest and travelling there is safe. Not to mention the nice nature. If you have time to visit Gotland during the summer you will find your new vacation favourite. Must visit place is the icecream shop in Visby callet Glassmagasinet where there are over 100 flavours . And in general a bonus would be to have the driving licence to explore the island.

Croatia – I was surprised by this country. I did not know that it holds such nature beauty. Unfortunately, it was one of my short trips, exploring it will remain in my wish list. Other than that I had issues with communicating and money, better to have plenty of cash with you. to explore the island.

Austria – the land of music. Totally loved my stay there. If you are a mountain lover this is a place for you. Very tourist friendly as well

Baltic states – 3 countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – that all have beautiful natural scenery and medieval old towns. Of which Estonia standing more out in my eyes, being a world leader in IT and resembling more a northern country.

Russia – if you classify the western part of Russia under Europe. Such a different culture. Hard to manage with english, so some russian language knowledge is always good to have. Plus I found it dangerous to cross the roads staying alive. Yet such an amazing experience, bear in mind I am a ballet dancer after all.

One more travel destination that is out of Europe but I felt like sharing here as this blog post seems to sum up most of my travels.

Egypt – Snorkeling is way better than scuba diving. The deeper you go the less colours there are and the more your ears will hurt. Not my thing, though I love water and swimming I had issues with reminding myself not to say WOW and breathe in the water…

There are few more places starred on my Google Maps but I would like to visit those countries for a longer period to get a better understanding before giving you my opinion. And then there is Iceland about what I will write a separate blog post.

That is a brief overview of my past travels. 
As you can see travelling is one of my passions. From now on I am trying to take you with me wherever I go and give you a bit more thorough travel details. Hope you will find it interesting and useful.

Not all those who wander are lost.


xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

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