Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs

A brand that started with a Love Story

Happy Plugs was born in Sweden in 2011 when the founder Andreas Vural was looking for a pair of colorful headphones for his girlfriend. When he didn´t find what he had in mind he painted a pair of headphones himself. They turned out so good that brand Happy Plugs was born.

Well-designed Affordable Quality Headphones

The name Happy Plugs represents a happy company with happy visions. They focus on simplicity, minimalistic and clean design and bringing happiness to their users.

All you need is a pair or two to go with your mood!

A little about Air 1 Plus, an earbud model I have been using in both designs

The Air 1 Plus comes in two style options – classic earbud and in-ear. This gives you a great option to choose a personal fit to assure a maximum comfort. I tried them both and would recommend the in-ear design over the classic fit. Though, I know all people are different, the in-ear option allows me to have a better fit when running or cleaning the house or even when laying down and doing nothing. The classic earbud, on the other hand, did not stay so well and I had to press it deeper into my ear many times during a short period of time. Also, once it fell down when I was running to catch a bus and another time when laying down and looking into the sky I found both of my earbuds sliding off after couple of minutes. It might be just personal, but that design was too big to stay stable inside my ear.


Other than the design, all the specs and color options are the same for both models. 

For colors, you can choose between Black, White, Gold, Pink Gold and White Marble. I chose both in white marble and I absolutely love it.
The battery life is up to
 40 hours, which is insane! After my first charge I was truly impressed that though I used my earbuds every day I still didn´t need to charge them in the end of the week. When fully charged, the Air 1 Plus lasts 6.5 hours when listening on-the-go and the charging case holds another 5 charges. Meaning, in total it will be 40h of listening. Impressive!

Also, now they have improved the sound experience with aptX™-codecs which will ensure pure and clear wireless sound on all iOS and Android devices for the best music experience.

What is a bonus is that Air 1 Plus features 14 different touch controls to easily manage music and calls with a single touch, adjust the volume or access Siri or Google Assistant 😉 Though it sounds fancy, I actually still use my phone because of the comfort of the big screen and use mainly only the play and stop, forward and backward music option and call answering. These are all done by pressing the right earbud differently. Though, sometimes, because the touch control is quite sensitive, I have accidentally hung up a call while adjusting the earbud. It can be annoying a bit but it is truly my own fault. Meaning, the product is very good and sensitive. Only thing to complain is that I haven´t been that successful with the volume up and down commands on the left earbud. I don´t know if it is just me, but somehow it doesn´t recognize the commands. I use my phone for that as well. Perhaps, I needs some more practicing.

Happy Plugs has come out with several wireless headphone models – Air Go, Air 1 Plus and Air 1 ANC
As I have been only using Air 1 Plus, therefore, I cannot say much about the other options. But the company is trustworthy, the delivery is fast, the quality is good and the style is, in my opinion, amazing.
For years I postponed buying the Apple version, mainly because of the price but also cause they all look the same. You could tell just from a glimpse that this person has an Apple product. I guess that was their aim, but as I prefer to have the things around me more personal I didn´t yet purchase one. Happy Plugs, on the other hand, surprised me with what they offer and also with the budget friendly price – from 50€ to 150€.

Now, I am so happy to share my discount code with you (in the end of this article) to give you an extra 10% off to make having them even more affordable 😉 

Happy Plugs has become part of my everyday life. 
I am using them from music to podcasts to audiobooks and guided meditations. Now, I oftentimes wonder how did I manage before without them. During a week I use them in the gym, while walking from one place to another and sometimes even at home when calling to friends and family because they give me 2 free hands and freedom to talk, walk, cook and do yoga all at the same time.

Happy Plugs On - Negative World Off ;)


You can find them on instagram @happyplugs as well as on their website at happyplugs.com
They ship worldwide and you can use my discount code “lifetreats” at checkout for 10% reduction.

Hope you will love them as much as I do 😉

If you have any further questions don´t hesitate to reach out to me down here in the comments, via email – mylifemytreats@gmail.com or through the Instagram @my_life_my_treats

xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

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