Ommm Bar - The Name Says It All

Ombar was the very first vegan health chocolate I ever tried

The very first bar that I was sceptical but ready to pay a fortune for. The cheap reduced commercial chocolates on the other shelf were crying out my name – pick me instead, you can have triple as much with the same amount of money. Winwin both for the wallet and in terms of the quantity. Not to mention one Ombar chocolate bar is only 35g… Now, they also have 70g bar options, but back then this chocolate seemed such a luxury.


Was I insane? I thought so too. 

But, there is always a but in my stories.


I fell in love! Love that will last! I just know it. And I trust my knowingness, if that even is a word.

Ombar is a healthy, organic, fair trade bean to bar chocolate made in the UK. This delicious chocolate is vegan, gluten and dairy free and made with wholesome ingredients.

And to be honest, though, I am a huge chocoholic I find the little bars both cute and helpful. You know you will enjoy it entirely and you won’t grab another one as it teaches you some self control. Also, to be entirely honest, as they are pure without artificial additives most of the time you won’t even fancy another bar. The taste lasts and the memory lasts as well and you will definitely be present when eating it.
But when you purchase the bigger bar(70g instead of the 35g) I can promise you you won´t be able to divide it into two 🤣

Well, some things are worth enjoying to the fullest!

Satisfied and Smiling – that is what these little magic bars are making out of you.

First I was battling between the berries but then I found my one and only absolute favourite – Coco Mylk. 

My other go-tos are Coconut&Vanilla and Raspberry centres. But I do recommend all the flavours. There is plenty to choose from in order to find your best match. May it be for the preference of the current mood or for favourite taste combinations.

Recipes I have come up with using Ombar chocolate:

My desserts are oftentimes raw, super simple, vegan and healthy. Not to mention fancy and delicious as well😉

My Little Ombar Gallery

Ombar chocolate has become part of my life and I truly recommend them to everyone who wants to have some more Om Moments in their everyday life. 

Every Day is Meant to Be OMazing ;)


You can find them on instagram @ombarchocolate as well as on their website at

Hope you will love them as much as I do 😉

xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

Recipes Including Ombar:

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