Sunia Yoga

Sunia Yoga

To Unite The Limited With The Unlimited

Sunia Yoga (@suniayoga) is a yoga clothing brand founded by Suni G., an American lady with an Indian background. Their yoga wear is comfortable and stylish, very unique and feminine.

What I love about Sunia Yoga is their style. Whenever I put on their leggings, I immediately feel at peace. I do believe the patterns they use have their own hidden magic. Each pair of leggings has a unique Sanskrit name that inspired the design and also carries a hidden meaning and power behind it. Sunia Yoga wear is not only meant to be fashionable, but also to unite the body, mind and soul into one – join – that is the true meaning of yoga.

Take your yoga practice beyond the mat with Sunia Yoga stylish designs

Although the patterns I chose are rather calm and pure, they have a wide range of colours in their online store. Suni has been inspired by her childhood memories from India and now combines the colours, patterns and Sanskrit secrets into one. She believes in living a colourful life and urges us to live it too.


from a Yogi to all who are passionate about yoga, healthy living, and a healthy planet

Sunia Yoga wear is vibrant, long-lasting and ethically made. They are cut and hand sewn in America using soft premium quality fabrics and the highest quality sublimation printing process with eco-friendly, water soluble and non-toxic ink. I was blown away by the quality of the printing as well as the softness of the fabric when I first got them. And after having them for over 2 years now, I am not disappointed at all with their durability and comfort. 

I fell in love with them back then and they have supported me throughout my yoga practise and daily ups and downs. So yes, you can find me in Sunia Yoga leggings most of the time and I always end up getting compliments. This also lifts your spirit, don’t you think? 

If you are looking for a boost in your life, I highly recommend Sunia Yoga.


Sunia Yoga is dedicated to illuminating your yoga practice with their designs to help you discover the limitless power of yoga to transform your body, mind and life. They encourage women, men and children with their daily practices and promote healthy bonding and a joyful journey.

Yoga doesn’t mean breathless practice and crazy poses. It means so much more and there is still much to discover in silence, in stillness and in taking a break. Yoga practice does not begin and end on the yoga mat. It begins within yourself and requires nothing more than presence – being present in the moment. And that’s where these yoga clothes come to help. Sunia Yoga gives a good feeling of being centered in the present moment and reminds us of ancient knowledge and power with its patterns and Sanskrit meanings.

You can find out more about them and their products on their website and social media platforms.

My Little Sunia Yoga Gallery

If you do not have a nice comfy pair of leggings yet, give yourself a gift and order with my discount code “lifetreats” which will get you 10% off. Or maybe a crop top or a yoga mat? Check out their website to see more 😊
This is my small influence on your daily yoga and wellness practices towards serenity, balance and joy.

Let me know which is your favourite design and do not forget to tag @my_life_my_treats and @suniayoga on Instagram.

Namaste 🙏🏻 

Energy Speaks Louder Than Words


xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

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