Am I Vegan?
What Do I Think About It...

Veganism is such a popular topic that I feel I should write a little what is my opinion about it and what lifestyle do I follow. Getting never-ending questions about my different food preferences, mostly referred to being on a diet, makes me feel uncomfortable. Why should I feel bad choosing the food that makes me feel good? 

No, I am not vegan nor am I non-vegan. I am simply me 😉

Coming from an ordinary meat-eaters family I grew up with all the protein and fat and knowledge that girls have to eat meat to give birth to healthy children. I was in my late teens when I started to make changes in my diet. To be honest, I was very uneducated at that time and so was my family. As I was pursuing my ballet career the wrong mindset led me astray and I was on a search for a perfect diet for many many years. So yes, my body has been a living experiment, trying to keep up with all my craziness. 
But I am very thankful for it to be so strong and thanks to my past I can share and help others who are lost in this world full of choices.

Ok, let’s get back to the veganism topic.
As Wiki says veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.
There are two types of vegans – the ones, who do it for their health and the ones, who choose this lifestyle to protect the animals and the environment.

I See Both Good And Bad In This Lifestyle. 

First, yes, eating more plants is always good. Tons of nutrients, vitamins and all the hidden good in them. I am particularly a fan of fruits, so imagine my eyes when I found out that you can eat tons of fruit and stay fit forever. Not quite true, as bodies are different.

What I like about veganism is that they promote whole foods. They try to bring us closer to nature and simplify the food choices back to basics, back to real food, not all that processed ready-made store-bought plastic-packed extra-flavoured “health-foods” that we can grab so easily on the go. But all the fruit and veggies, grains and legumes, nuts and seeds that are as well so easily accessible.

However, as the veganism started to spread we got the cookies and cakes and vegan meat and cheese back on the shelves, ready for us to be called healthy once again. That is where the veganism makes me say No to label myself as one of them.

Where Did The Healthy Part Disappear?

Yes, @my_life_my_treats is all about desserts, that is true. Mostly they are vegan as well. But the But is Big! My desserts are aimed to be as natural as possible. Made out of whole foods and love, not for business and not for tricking the mind. Those desserts are for the soul and for the body to promote health and happiness. Occasionally I do use less healthy ingredients in my recipes but if possible I always try to avoid them.

When it comes to eating animals I think it is everyone’s right to choose what works best for them. I definitely am against animal cruelty and I wonder why business and money turn people into monsters. 
Healthwise, as I study Chinese medicine I have started to see the food a bit differently. Food can sometimes be all the medicine you need. 
Meat and fish are very good tonifiers when it comes to inner organ weaknesses. Something to bear in mind especially when you have been a raw foodist for years. Eggs and honey, on the other hand, are the rare “neutral” foods, having yin-yang balance in them, therefore, promoting the balance in our body among all other great benefits they have.
Then comes the spiritual side that also excludes all meat and so, but it´s another story.

To conclude, I do like the power of veganism. How it came and spread the world, educated the people and made the businesses and restaurant chains make a turn. But humans are born with a competitive brain and the taste of money on their tongue. That is why there is always a slope you can fall into

Being honest, I do not like to label myself into any category as that only takes away my freedom. I want to choose what is best for me and my surroundings. When the choice is mine and it comes from the heart I always feel good in my own skin and soul. I gave up fitting in and following rules. I started living and staying connected with my body.

Extremes are easy, Strive for Balane


If you are interested in any subject in more detail please let me know in the comments. I am happy to share my knowledge and discuss a little further.

xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

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