What is Healthy?

What is Healthy?

We All Strive For This Perfect Image Of Ourselves

We want to be the best version of ourselves. We imagine that once we get there everything will fall into place.

We follow the newest diet trends. We try out all the detox products and magic pills. We read lots of mindful and weight loss books. We book a personal trainer or health coach and order personalised meal plans. We work out hard and we control our food. We join online support groups and follow various YouTube channels. We drag our family into our food plan to make us stick to those new rules. We practice intermittent fasting, juice fasts and weekly cleanses. And on top of that, we consider ourselves healthy.

Time to stop digesting other peoples diet rules!

Perhaps the Truth you followed was not Your Truth on the first place...


The change starts in your mindset and depends on your motivation.
And the willpower to make it happen depends on your root reason.
But be aware that this hidden reason might not match your expectation. What is in your heart cannot be changed with your mind. But it could be done the other way around.

I thought I am healthy. I thought I am able to choose the best for my body. I thought if I eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, animals and processed food I am healthy. And to my surprise, I was told I am far from that. I was shocked to hear what I knew in my heart but refused to believe with my brain.
Why was I unhealthy if I did live according to those healthy rules? Why was I unhealthy even when I seemed in perfect shape for all those around me? The answer is simple – because I stopped being me. I simply thought my way into being…

They say humans are lucky to have the brain. But I think if we could shut down some parts in it we could be happier. Most of the time we end up being our own biggest enemies, don´t you think?

What Is Healthy Then?

I would say health=happiness

  • If you have enough energy to enjoy the life you are healthy.
  • If you wake up on time and smile you are healthy.
  • If you look forward to your new challenges you are healthy.

To be healthy means to be fit in both body and mind. And in my opinion, the mind leads it all. And what the mind is willing to lead comes from deep in your heart. So here we are again – back to the beginning, back into our hearts.

Leave a comment if you´d like a blog post about a healthy body.
I believe the body is the mirror of the heart to the brain. If we see a negative change it gives us a sign or a warning that we have to find the root cause that lies in the heart. Then we can sort it out with the help from our mind.
If we start fixing the outer with our brain we only become the repairman of our body – the vehicle of life.

xoxo, LT

xoxo, LT

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